Company Profile

Inan Daqin Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. was established to meet the demand of rapid development of gas industry in China and the west-east national gas transmission project. The company applies itself to the research and development of transmission, distribution and safety control equipment of gas, petroleum, etc. Its main products include gas emergency shut-off valve, gas alarm apparatus, insulation flange for cathode protection, insulation joints, gas pipeline safety self-closing valves,Gas wall-mounted furnace, lithium ion battery, etc.

The company is equipped with corresponding design hardware and software, provides a good development environment, and has achieved a number of invention patents and utility model patents. The company is equipped with a large number of advanced production and testing equipment, and has manufactured some of production equipment and working tools. At present, the company has formed a production capacity of 2000 industrial fuel gas magnetic valves and cut-off valves,1000 insulation flanges and joints.

Our company strictly abides by the product quality assurance and after-sales service commitments. For the products under warranty period, out company will earnestly implement the "Three Guarantees" service provision. For the products out of "three guarantees" scope, we will also provide timely and convenient services.

During years of production and operation, our company has established a complete sales network and after-sales service system, and has established a good cooperative  relationship with our customers. Our products involves in gas, petroleum, metallurgy, chemical industry, electricity, commercial service and many other industries. The gas products of company have been the patron saint of users' safety. Along with the continuous development of gas industry of our country and continuous improvement of urban gasification degree, with continuous improvement of company new products development and product quality works, the market sales of company products increase year by year, and already have a great achievement among a number of counter companies in the country.