Ordering instructions

1. If the design institute or user has selected the product model of our company, the specific technical requirements and technical parameters shall be confirmed with the marketing service department of our company according to the specified model.

2. If the model is not selected before ordering, please provide the corresponding technical parameters, such as nominal diameter, working pressure, medium type, rated voltage, connection mode, medium temperature, ambient temperature, valve body material, etc.

3, before ordering, special functional requirements should be implemented, such as normally open or normally closed, signal output mode (instantaneous or constant output), manual device, medium corrosion performance.

4. If the operating conditions are important or the pipeline system is complex, and the specifications, models and technical performance indicators of the company's existing products cannot meet the requirements, please provide the process flow chart and detailed technical requirements, and the technical personnel of both parties will confirm the order requirements by fax after negotiation and communication.