Installation Instructions

1. The relevant provisions in the Electrical Safety Regulations of the People's Republic of China for Explosive Dangerous Sites must be strictly implemented for on-site installation.

2. Read the instructions carefully before installation and use, check whether the products meet the requirements, and check whether the parameters marked on the nameplate are consistent with the parameters of the selected products.

3, before installation, the pipeline must be cleaned and blown clean, so as to avoid impurities blocking the valve and damagithe sealing surface, dust and impurities in the medium is more, the filter should be installed before the valve.

4, pay attention to the installation of the arrow on the valve body should be consistent with the flow of the pipeline fluid, solenoid valve coil parts should be vertical upward, there are special provisions, please install according to the instructions.

5, threaded connection solenoid valve in the installation of the application of wrench or pipe pliers to clamp the valve body, and then screw on the take over, can not force on the coil, so as not to damage the coil parts.

6. In the case of insufficient pipeline rigidity or water hammer phenomenon, please fix the valve before and after taking over with a bracket.

7, installation pipe center line and valve connection flange, thread center should be consistent, otherwise the valve body distortion will cause the connection thread or flange fracture or deformation.

8, solenoid valve should not be installed in dripping, damp or pipe concave, to prevent the coil because of long-term damp and affect the service life.

9, solenoid valve installation should have a certain space reserved for daily maintenance and repair.

10, solenoid valve installation must be through fluid action several times, confirm the normal action, can be put into normal use.